July 2, 2014

October 12, 2013

Unicorn, Shmunicorn: Be a Pegasus | UX Magazine

Unicorn, Shmunicorn: Be a Pegasus | UX Magazine Yes that's a sensible way to think about the application of creative design strategies: product development needs human centered talent!

March 9, 2013

Semantic Serious gaming and Google intelligent search?

Serious gaming en semantic search seem to blend at last...

November 1, 2012

The Library of Utopia: Nicolas Carr on Information and creativity

Quotation from The Library of Utopia Technology Review, May-June, 2012

"If it were just a matter of moving bits and bytes around, a universal online library might already exist. Google, after all, has been working on the challenge for 10 years. But the search giant's book program has foundered; it is mired in a legal swamp. Now another momentous project to build a universal library is taking shape. It springs not from Silicon Valley but from Harvard University.

The Digital Public Library of America — the DPLA — has big goals, big names, and big contributors. And yet for all the project's strengths, its success is far from assured. Like Google before it, the DPLA is learning that the major problem with constructing a universal library nowadays has little to do with technology. It's the thorny tangle of legal, commercial, and political issues that surrounds the publishing business. Internet or not, the world may still not be ready for the library of utopia."

Nicholas Carr discusses the consequences of information overload at 2011 Economist conference.